Renting can be pricey, but with these tips, you’ll be able to get more for your dollar!

Be open to other neighborhoods
If you limit yourself to one neighborhood, then you could be missing out on some awesome units just a couple blocks over. It can be crazy how much more you could get (newer, bigger, etc.) if you’re willing to expand your search criteria.


Factor in the amenities
It’s important to realize the value of your unit and/or building, and how that ultimately affects your cost of living. If you find yourself falling in love with a place that’s $100 over your budget, but it has a gym & in-unit laundry, then it may even out after you factor in paying for $2.50 a load and a gym membership living somewhere else.


Figure out your “non-negotiables”
It’s tough to decide what to give up when your budget isn’t getting you all you hoped for, but if you have a set list of things you refuse to negotiate on (for me, it’s in-unit laundry!) then your real estate agent can adequately filter out the units that don’t meet your criteria.


Consider roommates
Another great way to bump down the price of rent is to add more people. One-bedroom apartments can be an expensive burden for one person, but increasing the number of tenants will usually decrease the price as well.