With the polar vortex finally behind us, you may be wondering why you even live in a place where polar vortexes happen. We found ourselves thinking the same thing, so we decided to round up 9 reasons (among many) Chicago is, and will continue to be, worth the winters:

The summers

Once we get past the torture that is winter, the skies – and patios – open up and all is right in the world again. Nothing compares to the endless amount of options you have during Chicago summers. Plus, the simple fact you can walk outside without a jacket is just pure bliss.

The food

You can’t go hungry in Chicago; it’s just not possible. With the countless food options between South Loop and Pilsen, there is literally something for every palate. Looking for the best ______ food? We guarantee you’ll find it in Chicago.

The sports 

Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, Hawks, Bears: a sport for every season! Depending on the season and your luck, tickets can be cheap and easy to get. Plus, few compare to Chicago fans so you’re in for a day to remember.

The museums

Rich in history, Chicago is a hub for museum lovers. Some of our favorites are the Art Institute, Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, Museum of Science & Industry, Museum of Contemporary Art, Adler Planetarium, Chicago Children’s Museum, Wndr Museum, US Pizza Museum and so many more.

The universities 

Loyola, University of Chicago, UIC, Depaul, Columbia, Northwestern, and so many more create the ambitious atmosphere that is Chicago. Whether you’re coming to study or coming postgrad, these schools add to the diversity and creativity of Chicago.

The people

Living in a big city means you’re exposed to people from all walks of life; some better than others. While the bad always seem to make the news, we’re here to promise there are lots of good ones in the mix. For example, this person, who helped 70 homeless people during the polar vortex by putting them up in hotels.

The shopping

From bookstores to boutiques to Bloomingdales – Chicago’s shopping is unparalleled in terms of variety and quality. It’s a dangerous thing to shop in Chicago, but always worth it.

The arts 

Looking for comedy? Chicago has it. Theatre? Done. Musicals? Of course. Galleries? Plenty. The opera? Yup. You’ll find all things art-related in this city and new things are constantly emerging!

The opportunities

Chicago is full of opportunities for people in all stages of their career. Whether you’re just starting out in your industry or a seasoned professional, you can find numerous   opportunities to grow your business, brand, and experience.