The lease is signed, movers booked, but now what? Spaces agents share the first things you should do when you’re moved into a new place:

Heidi Sonnenberg:

Introduce yourself to the neighbors. You’ll want to be friendly with one or two of them, just in case you have a small emergency, and then they can also rely on you should the need arise.


Evan Peoples:

Carefully check the apartment for any damage not caused by you, and properly document and report such things.


Colin Shively:

If you have an indoor pet, establish their bathroom area immediately so they don’t try and mark other parts of the apartment. Playing a game of search n’ sniff among boxes of newly moved items is not a fun way to start in a new home, and it will help your furry friend feel more secure.


Kaitlyn Jacovino:

Make sure all the outlets work! Sometimes they are linked to a switch. Also make sure to check the appliances, and notify someone if they aren’t working correctly.


Mike Tiburtini:

If there is central heat and air conditioning, new tenants should always check the furnace filter as soon as they move in. It will most likely need to be replaced right away, as most tenants don’t even know they should replace the filters.


Robert Solis:

Update your address wherever you need to. This can be bank accounts, credit cards, etc. There’s nothing more frustrating than not getting your mail.


Amanda Chvatal:

You may want to do another deep clean, everyone’s cleaning standards are different knowing that you cleaned the space to your expectations will make it feel more live-able and like yours.