Hire Movers
This one may seem like a no-brainer, but if there’s a time to hire movers – it’s in the winter. If you rent through Spaces, we can offer you exclusive deals & discounts with moving companies across the city to help minimize the cost!

Bundle Up Strategically
While six pair of socks and three sweaters might sound like the best plan, make sure you bundle up in clothes that are easy to move around in. You’ll be spending the majority of the day bending over, moving around and maybe even walking up stairs.

Cover The Floors
Unfortunately, in Chicago, cold is usually accompanied by snow.  You’re going to want to lay down an old sheet or tarp on your floors while you’re moving in so you don’t track in any muddy snow in your brand new apartment.

Make Sure The Heat Works
Nothing is worse than moving all day in the cold and then never getting warm! Make sure all your utilities – especially heat – are working properly and ready for you to move in.

Clear Snowy Pathways
If you’re going to be running back and forth between a U-Haul and an apartment all day, you’ll want to start by shoveling any snow out of your way to diminish slipping and dragging wet footprints into your new home.

Tip and/or Thank Any Helpers!
Moving is never fun and it’s definitely worse in the winter, so make sure to tip any movers you hire or thank any friends who lend their time to help. A nice cup of warm spiked cider can’t hurt either!