On the fence about working with a real estate agent? There are a few things you should know…

They have access to units you can’t find online.

Real estate agents have access to exclusive units within their own databases you won’t happen upon online. Additionally, you won’t run into the issue of fake or old advertisements of units that are unavailable or simply don’t exist. With a real estate agent, you save time and a headache!


They have relationships with landlords.

Many brokerages and agents have fostered and built close relationships with the landlords they’ve worked with over time. In some scenarios, these relationships can help swing deals and close deals faster.


They’re knowledgeable about the neighborhood/building/unit.

Part of a real estate agent’s job is to consult and advise you on the neighborhood, building and/or unit you’re considering. They can give you the 411 on the neighborhood, and tell you where to find the closest trains, buses, shops, restaurants and more. Additionally, they’re able to provide in-depth feedback about the features of the building and/or unit.


They’re motivated to help you.

Agents work strictly on commission, so they may be even more determined than you to find the perfect apartment! Additionally, they will want your repeated business and referrals as well so you can rest assured they are going to go above and beyond to secure you a new place.


There’s no commitment.

(PS – this one is specific to Spaces!) Our agents work on commission so their services are essentially free. While we recommend working with one agent at a time, there’s no pressure to stick with an agent that isn’t meeting your expectations.