COVID-19 has caused a lot of uncertainty in the world, but that doesn’t mean people don’t have to move! Whether you’re a landlord trying to rent your property or a tenant looking for a subleaser, here’s how to take an awesome unit video that will help you accomplish your goals:

Before You Shoot

• Walk through the whole unit first and turn on every light + open window blinds. Remember that the more light in the video, the better!

• Open all closet doors, whether they’re sliding doors or for walk-in closets, etc.

• Put down toilet seats in bathrooms.

• Make sure all doors are open as wide as they can be.


While You Shoot 

• Make sure you ALWAYS shoot with your phone horizontal. Videos shot vertically typically don’t display well.

• Keep your phone about chest height the entire time.

• Walk slowly (REALLY slow, probably a lot slower than you think!) through each room.

• Take different videos of each room, rather than trying to take one fluid video of the entire apartment.

• Also make sure to take a 360º video shot of each room as well. Stand in the middle of the room, (ex: living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen) hold the phone horizontally at chest height and SLOWLY spin in a circle while keeping your phone stable in position. These shots give the viewer another angle of each room.


Other Tips 

• In bathrooms, make sure you are not in the shot, aka the mirror. The best option is to stand in the back of the bathroom to shoot.

• While not completely necessary, tidying up a little (making the bed, clearing off cabinets/counters) can go a long way in how the unit displays in the video.


Here’s an example of a video taken by a tenant that we actually branded to put on our site: